Commercial Real Estate

We represent lenders, owners, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and developers of all types of commercial  real estate. Our firm provides legal counsel to them at each step of what are often complicated, multi-party transactions.

Since we have seen all sides of real estate transactions representing buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, landlords and tenants, businesses seeking to buy, finance or expand their facilities-we know what it takes to get to a successful closing and, beyond that, to a successful project.

We always weigh and balance the legal realities against the practical realities. Our goal is to get all the parties to the table to allow a project to go forward while best protecting the interest of our clients. We use our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and the goodwill developed during decades of practice to pull the deal together.

Our Practice Focuses On:

Real Estate Finance

Financing is integral to every real estate transaction, and we are recognized as the most efficient, cost effective, knowledgeable, and service oriented law firm when it comes to representing Banks, Credit Unions, and other lenders. We represent most financial institutions located in Worcester County and Middlesex County, along the Route 2, Route 190, and Route 495 corridors, and conduct closings from Boston, Worcester, and all of New England.


We assist our clients in the analysis of the zoning and other land use constraints on their properties and on their potential acquisitions and development projects, and analyze development projects before they are submitted to local municipal zoning and planning boards.


Drafting and negotiating leases can be the most complex and involved real estate transaction. Most commercial properties involve these complexities, whether or not it is apparent at the outset.  We have drafted and negotiated office, strip mall, shopping center, retail, commercial, and industrial from every perspective, and we bring that experience to the negotiation of lease terms on behalf of landlords and tenants alike. Our experience also results in knowledgeable analysis of leases on behalf of lenders and investors.


We work with our clients and the brokers, engineers, surveyors, architects, contractors, and other professionals and consultants who, with the attorneys, make up the development team. We are proud of our ability to help bring deals together and of our roles in creating so many worthwhile projects.


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